The biotechnology industry has faced many challenges over the last year and a half, but this trying time has also provided an opportunity for change and growth. For many finance leaders in this space, achieving operational efficiency is now priority number one.

Join us, along with Procurify’s procurement expert, Geoff McAllister, as we walk through the current landscape of biotechnology purchasing and discuss 10 key benchmarks that are critical to unlocking organizational efficiency. Compare your biotech organization against industry averages and measure the effectiveness of your current processes.

Meet the Expert

Spend Management for Biotech: 10 Benchmarks for Operational Efficiency


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Geoff McAllister
Procurement Expert, Procurify

Geoff McAllister is a Procurement Expert at Procurify. With more than three decades of experience working in the procurement space, he helps organizations streamline their supply chains, reduce administrative costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Prior to Procurify, Geoff worked in supply chain and consulted on supply chain efficiency and optimization for organizations including BC Hydro, Accenture Consulting, Nortel Networks, and Vard Electro Canada.

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