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How to Conduct a Vendor Risk Assessment: 8 Step Guide

In today’s remote-first, cloud-based workplace, the majority of companies are working with outside vendors. While there are many benefits, this also introduces a number of risks to your organization. Understanding and reducing these third-party risks is no easy task.

At Procurify, we’ve put together this free vendor risk assessment guide to help you manage your vendors and reduce your associated risks.

Ready to reduce your vendor risk?


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+ Bonus vendor management risk assessment matrix!

It’s crucial to ask your IT team these 20 questions to understand how vulnerable your supply chain tech stack is.

Supply chain vulnerability: 20 key questions

Vendor management risk assessment matrix

This assessment will help you identify and evaluate the potential risks associated with each of your vendors. 

The importance of vendor risk assessments and what they are

This guide will review:

Various types of risk and how your organization might be impacted

How to build your own risk assessment framework

How to categorize vendors

Ways to reduce risk in your organization

How to Conduct a Vendor Risk Assessment in 8 Steps

This guide illustrates how to perform a thorough vendor risk assessment and tips to keep your organization safe and secure.


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