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Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Dubai, UAE


250 employees


Seun Akadiri

Financial Analyst, the ENTERTAINER

A leading provider of incentive offers in dining, leisure, entertainment, beauty and hotel brands across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe


Company Profile

The ENTERTAINER is a leading provider of incentive offers in dining, leisure, entertainment, beauty, and hotel brands across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. The company successfully transitioned from a print publication to a data-driven, tech company with the launch of the award-winning ENTERTAINER app in 2013. Packaged together as destination-specific products, the company has enjoyed phenomenal growth by virtue of a strong partner network, a burgeoning corporate loyalty business, and a broad base of delighted customers. Today, the ENTERTAINER offers 70 consumer products and six tailored B2B solutions across 19 countries with over 8,600 merchant partners globally.
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With the ENTERTAINER's digital transformation, financial analyst Seun Akadiri has been committed to updating the company's procurement process since he joined in 2017.

How the ENTERTAINER Switched to E-Procurement with Procurify

Procurify's Customer Success Team provides user guides covering everything that the ENTERTAINER employees need to know about the software. Step-by-step guides make it easy and fast to introduce new employees to the system. All the users also have access to 24-hour support, ensuring no question goes unanswered.

"The Success Procurify website is amazing because you can just ask questions and get most of your answers from there. So that was my go-to spot for all my queries," Seun says.

Caring Support

Seun Akadiri

Financial Analyst

"The 24-hour support: anytime I get stuck, I just ask somebody, and they're quick to respond, and they're quite efficient."

6h 20 min

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Healthy Spend Controls:

 96% of submitted requests for purchases are approved

We’re the purchasing software your team actually wants to use

Getting started with Procurify won’t be a headache. We’re the purchasing software that is intuitive, simple, and fast to set up. From our onboarding to product training to support, we focus on making things easy.


The Challenge

"When I first joined the ENTERTAINER, there was no standard in-house procurement process. We used a lot of paper to track most of our procurement," says Seun. "With complicated manual workflows, everyone loses time, especially within a cross-organizational approval system."

That's where Procurify came in. Seun discovered this procurement software while doing online research. He went through a demo with one of Procurify product specialists and was soon introducing the platform to his manager and other team members. "I thought it was a great, easy, simple tool," he says.

Procurify helps eliminate common errors, usually associated with manual procurement operations. In the past, the ENTERTAINER's paper requests were sometimes misplaced, causing purchase delays, but Procurify has enabled the process to run more smoothly.

The Solution: Switch to E-Procurement

Seun Akadiri

Financial Analyst

"Our approval process is faster and more importantly, in-line with our internal delegation of authority policy. It has streamlined the entire procurement process, getting approvals real-time and on the move," Seun says. "It has been extremely effective since we brought it in-house and implemented."

In his role as a financial planning analyst, Seun is responsible for ensuring the ENTERTAINER has operational checks and balances. It means producing accurate spending and budget reports and maintaining an accessible electronic trail of the company's procurement activities. Procurify has streamlined this process by providing better reporting capabilities.

Seun Akadiri

Financial Analyst

"We're doing an audit right now," Seun says. "They want proof of approvals, and the audit log is perfect for that. We'll pull data or screenshots and send them to the auditors, which kind of covers all their questions." 

In fast-paced business environments, employees want to move fast and have the freedom to make quick decisions wherever they are. Procurify has helped employees at the ENTERTAINER respond to requests and address issues quickly with a centralized system that allows for fast communication and mobile access.

"Having both desktop and mobile access has made our approval process more effective, kept things seamlessly synced, and made communication a breeze. I can send reminders and communicate with other users through the system, which works perfectly for expense queries and order updates. It's a one-stop-shop that streamlines the process from start to finish."

The success of this story wouldn't be possible without Seun's dedication to transforming the procurement process at the ENTERTAINER. He's been a great partner for Procurify and is working closely with our Customer Success team on improving the system further.

Beyond reducing the amount of paper used in the ENTERTAINER's purchasing process, Seun says Procurify has increased efficiency by improving purchase order visibility. This visibility has helped to free up valuable resources. 

"There were incidents where employees had difficulties locating their PO and tracking changes from their original requests," Seun says. "With Procurify, we can easily search for information, find details, or make PO changes in just a few clicks. We've particularly liked the ability to track which procurement chain stage a PO is currently sitting."