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Ready to revamp your procurement strategy?


Procurement as a strategic partner in business

Procurement professionals must become a strategic partner within the organization and strive to inform overall organizational direction.

Make your business spend smart and simple with Procurify

Procurement professionals play a significant role in helping organizations reduce costs and improve their return on investment. Poorly managed procurement operations, however, can result in process bottlenecks that hamstring your organization and ultimately limit performance.

In this pocket guide to strategic procurement, learn the what and why of a smart procurement strategy, and discover how purchasing and finance leaders can implement a proactive approach to efficient spend tracking.

The Complete Pocket Guide to Strategic Procurement

The rising pressures that remote-first procurement teams face.

You'll learn:

Why procurement teams need to become strategic partners with the wider organization rather than focus on transactional chores.

A complete step-by-step process for setting up a proactive procurement strategy.

The importance of making a strong business case for procurement.

Why automation is just the beginning for a smarter and proactive procurement strategy.

It’s time to start rethinking your procurement strategy

Address today’s complex procurement challenges with a collaborative, data-driven, and tech-savvy strategic approach to procurement.

The growing importance of procurement innovation

World-class procurement organizations have 18 percent lower operating costs and use 28 percent fewer full-time equivalents than peers, according to The Hackett Group.

How to build a proactive procurement strategy

Start by clarifying what procurement actually means at your organization. Armed with that, begin building an end-to-end procurement strategy that aligns to your organizational goals.

Make a strong business case for procurement

Building a proactive procurement strategy can do much more than free up time and reduce costs. But it requires leadership buy-in and adequate resourcing.

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