Venture capitalists today fund start-ups that show financial responsibility backed by strong performance metrics.

Surviving the valley of death between funding rounds has historically been looked at as a revenue challenge. As venture capitalists become more conservative with funding, it has become even more imperative to manage spend effectively during this period.

In this ebook, we'll go over how to do just that, without impeding growth.

Spend Management for High Growth Companies

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Procurify can help your team manage your spend effectively, so you can continue growing.

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What's Covered in The Free Ebook: 

  • What maverick spending really is and why it's killing the financial health of your organization
  • What really matters to the CMO?
  • Why rogue marketing spend is happening and how to prevent it
  • Case study: Group's growth to south
  •  Integrating finance and operations
  • How spend management software changes the game for your employees

Spend Management for High Growth Companies is an authoritative ebook that was co-written by a CPA certified accountant and a startup specialist. Light, informative and data-driven, it is an excellent guide for all startup executives and fanatics alike. 

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Procurify is an accessible, convenient and manageable software solution that is reinventing the way companies track, manage and control organizational spend.

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