Managing Finances & Funding for Educational Institutions

Learn how to obtain facilities funding , keep costs low, and adopt smarter financial practices to grow your school.



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Featuring Scott Rolfs, Managing Director and Group Head of K12 & Charter School Facilities Finance at Ziegler, a financial services firm that has provided over $1.7 billion funding for educational institutions across the United States since 2000.

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Head of the Class: How Procurify is Helping Schools Rewrite Education

Learn how two innovative schools improved their purchasing processes and achieved buying items at lower cost, gained visibility into spending and improved the speed of purchasing.


Reinventing the way organizations spend.

 Procurify is a software solution that can help you save time, money and resources to help Charter Schools accomplish or fulfill their organizational goals, reducing your opportunity cost so that you can invest more into better quality education for students. 

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  • Overview of what lenders look for 

  • Determining the best capital plan for your school  

  • Specific industry financial metrics for borrowing 

  • Strategies for stakeholder management  

  • Tools and processes to cut costs and gain more visibility into your finances  

Headquartered in Chicago with regional and branch offices throughout the U.S., Ziegler provides its clients with capital raising and strategic advisory services.

A financial services firm that has provided over $1.7 billion funding for educational institutions across the United States since 2000.

Scott Rolfs

Managing Director - Group Head

Investment Banking | K12 & Charter Schools Finance @ Ziegler

Scott works directly with charter schools and nonprofits such as faith-based organizations across the U.S. During Scott’s role at Ziegler, he has financed over $3.6 billion for non-profit organizations nationwide. Scott is well versed in many different modes of financing solutions including tax-exempt bonds, taxable bonds, bank structures and early-stagege seed capital finance. He can also provide advice and guidance on interest rate hedging strategies, debt capacity, and derivative instruments.


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Marvin Lagunsad

Solutions Consultant 

Educational Institutions & Charter Schools @ Procurify

Marvin is a solutions consultant that specializes in the education and nonprofits sector. He works with a multitude of charter schools around the U.S to help them develop better processes when it comes to managing their purchasing and organizational spending. Marvin is well versed with best stakeholder management practices in charter schools, implementing compliance best practices, and helping organizations around the world find better ways to improve their business processes. 

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Control, track and report your organization's’s spend. Robust request to approve functionality, purchase order management, and authenticate deliveries all in one place.

A software that helps you get the most out of your organizational spend.


Accessibility to Funding and Loan Options

What do perspective lenders look for? What documents do you need? Which financial metrics should you be measuring? These questions will all be answered in the webinar. 

Learn what needs to be documented, and how to make sure all purchases are within state regulations. 

Compliance Standards

How do you make sure all stakeholders such as the board and investors are informed of the state of the organization? Learn how to make audits and board meetings less stressful.

Stakeholder Management

Challenges In Charter Schools and Privately Funded Institutions 

Organizational Spend Visibility

Learn how to get more visibility into what has been spent, and who spent what, and which tools and processes you'll need to make tracking spend much easier.