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Successful companies use spend policy templates to save time and grow their bottom line. 

If your organization is bottlenecked by expenses and procurement, use our customizable template to fine-tune your spending, streamline processes, and keep employees (and executives) happy. 

Discover The Perfect Spend Policy


Create a clear Spend Policy with our customizable template 

Is your organization bottlenecked by expenses and procurement? Use our customizable handbook to fine-tune your spending, streamline processes, and keep employees (and executives) happy.

Explore templates for your unique spend culture

Administrative, democratic, agile, unrestricted—which is right for you? There are four spend cultures to choose from. Learn how to pick the right one for your organization.

About Procurify

Procurify is a spend management software platform that helps organizations proactively drive operational efficiencies and business growth. Companies around the world request, approve, and track the resources they need to move the business forward through real-time budget data, remote-optimized procurement workflows, and spend insights. 

Procurify has managed over $7 billion dollars of business spend for its customers and integrates with major ERP accounting systems such as NetSuite and QuickBooks Online.

Learn how Procurify can help your team streamline all purchases and approval workflows in one place––remotely and quickly.

Want to learn more?

Spend Culture Stories

Check our 5-star rated podcast, Spend Culture. Hear from leading CFOs and procurement pros to learn tactics on building a proactive Spend Culture and better company.

The CFO of Tomorrow

Learn what top tech leaders have to say about the future of the future and why it’s about less number crunching, more people management, and building strategic business partnerships.

The Spend Culture Quiz

Time for a look in the mirror. What is your organization’s spend culture? How can it be improved? Our 12-minute quiz helps you choose your next steps.

Create a clear expense policy with our customizable template

The perfect spend policy template is waiting for you. You just have to find it. Our template shows you how.

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Spend Policy Template


Discover different types of spend

We all navigate through different types of spend within our organization. Learn about the different processes, including request for order, request for expense, the spending card, and request for travel.


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