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 Ridiculously Easy Spend Management Software 

Procurify gives you complete visibility into your different lines of spend. Analyze everything from whether there's double paying of invoices to where you can consolidate services for bulk discounts. 

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A powerful, unified platform that streamlines your entire purchasing process.

No need to painstakingly match up what you received with your purchase orders. Our spend management software  automatically ties your invoices to your purchases orders and ensures you're not paying for something you didn't order, or for only part of it.

"Procurify, within the first 2 months has saved us thousands of dollars when it comes to products being re-ordered because they were lost." - Damon Norris, Legacy Traditional School

Mistakes happen when you deal with spreadsheets. Duplicate orders are placed, purchases go through un-approved, invoices are double paid and the wrong vendors are engaged.

Our spend management software eliminates all of this to give you complete visibility and accountability into organizational spending.

Cut down unnecessary spending and keep your purchases within budget. Set up approval processes within Procurify and ensure that your organization orders only what is needed and from authorized sources.

Manually keeping track of purchase requests that come in from email, texts, and water-cooler conversations can lead to inefficiencies in your spend and openings for fraudulent purchases.

With Procurify, requests, approvals and purchase orders can be generated directly from any device, and viewed in one central location. Your team can make requests on the go, and managers can approve them in real-time while monitoring current budget spend. All with vital details such as the who, what, when and why of purchasing in one consolidated places. 

Empower your team to get what they need, when they need it, while maintaining transparency and consistent data.

"The web-based solution was huge for us because we have a bunch of guys out in the field with iPhones or devices – tablets or something of that nature – and they can get on their system, get a wireless connection and purchase in real time." - Mike Freese, HTH Companies

Ensure You Receive What You Pay For


"Procurify gave us a new level of control. With Procurify we have an electronic trail of everything from the minute a request is entered, to when it is approved, to how long it took to purchase."

- David Osterhout, ASCO Aerospace

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