The Essential Guide To 
Managing Biotech Labs

Whether you're in a Finance, Operations or a Leadership role, the last thing your scientists need is a managerial oversight that jeopardizes years of research

What You Can't Afford

As someone who oversees the finances and operations of a biotechnology lab, these are three situations you just can’t afford to be in:

 (1) A lab technician requested a compound for a time-sensitive experiment, but the item didn’t make it to the lab in time. The delay stalled the experiment, affecting years of work.

(2) Your lab has been ordering supplies as and when it needs them. But since no one tracks what’s left of the budget, your lab suddenly finds itself in a cash crunch. 

(3) Your lab is up for inspection and it has neither the FDA-mandated purchasing controls, or readily available audit trails for all of the thousands of things that were purchased for your lab. 

Don't become a cautionary tale. Find out how you can prevent such outcomes. 

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