How This CEO Saved Thousands of Manual Hours by Automating Purchasing Processes


“For our size and budget, Procurify clearly became the right direction for us.
Procurify just made everything...faster. It
made it so that you only had to input something once. It accelerated all of our
process instantly across the board.”

Atlantech, a legacy telecommunications provider, saw a massive boost in spend visibility and increased controls in their new approval routing on Procurify’s platform. 

Not only was CEO Ed Finerean able to trust that purchases and approvers were all in alignment and all given custom permissions based on their roles, Ed was also able to utilize Procurify’s mobile app to oversee requests himself and make critical decisions on the go. 

Save Thousands of Hours and Dollars.

Procurify offers a new way to centralize and consolidate spending and supply chain at scale, and can completely revolutionize your approval routing and purchasing processes. 

Leave word-of-mouth approvals, cumbersome e-mail touch-points and static spreadsheets in the past.

One of our most powerful tools, period.

“Companies that are seeking a procurement solution first under their current workflow should get acquainted with how Procurify can be customized to make your workflow better. 

Procurify is a tool that can be leveraged to make your internal processes faster and better instantly.”

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