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There Can Be No Room For Doubt When You're Paying a Million Dollar Invoice

How One Of The World's Largest 
Aerospace Companies 
Verifies Its Invoices

Case Study

From small parts costing a few thousands dollars to heavy capital investments like heat treatment ovens that cost over 1,000,000 (One Million USD), ASCO USA sends out at least 150 Purchase Orders every month. 

Placing orders isn't the hardest part — it's the actual process of making the payment that can be risky. Every company's Accounts Payable (AP) department needs to be absolutely certain that everything is in order before money leaves the bank. 

At the very least, AP needs to have these certainties:

The order has actually been received by the company. Because you don't want to pay for something without having received it.

The invoice isn't fake — in other words, there is a Purchase Order to prove that the company placed the order in the first place.

The invoice is correct — in other words, the supplier isn't overcharging you, or billing you incorrectly.   

Industry: Manufacturing

Company Size: 200+ Employees

Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma

"Before Procurify, there really was no way to know if the items [for which we had been invoiced] had even showed up. With Procurify, we now have an electronic trail of everything."

"Now, we get notifications every time anything has been purchased, and when it has been received."

"Instead of trying to run around and figure out where things are, users can just log in and find out when an order was placed, who placed it and when it was received."

 — David Osterhout, Project Buyer at ASCO Industries USA

How Procurify Helped ASCO

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