Procurify allows you to manage your company-wide spending in ways your accounting software can’t even dream of.  Many people at your company spend money, that’s why we’re designed for everyone to use.

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Over three hundred companies use Procurify to gain control of over $7.1 Billion of spending.

Why should you care about your Spend Culture?

While spending gets things purchased, Spend Culture means the right things get purchased. This leads to spending that is strategically aligned with your company’s vision.

Want to reduce thoughtless spending and purchases? See what everyone in your organization wants to spend money on, before they spend it. Then you can move the controls to the beginning, not the end, of your spending process. We call this having a proactive Spend Culture.

Would you rather turn off the tap, or mop up water that spilled?

Ready to move to proactive spending with Procurify?

Take control of the way people in your business are spending money


Purchasing Workflows

Procurify means bringing all your purchasing workflows online. 

  • Core purchasing processes (request to payments)
  • Pay for the right thing with 3-way matching
  • Purchase Order generation

Procurify means everyone can easily request the things they need.

  • Simple, fast requesting for everyone
  • Flexible approval steps for spending 
  • Vendor management & insights 
  • Employee expenses management

Spend Controls

How does Procurify help you create a proactive Spend Culture?

Accessible Data

Procurify makes your data accessible. 

  • You can do everything via desktop or mobile 
  • Get real time budget information 
  • Reporting with visual analytics 
  • Change tracking & audit logs
Connects to and enhances existing software

Integrations for QuickBooks and Netsuite. Simple connections to many accounting and ERP systems.

Supported  implementation and set up. Our team helps you get the best from Procurify for your business.

World class support and setup 
Fast, easy, fun user training

Your employees can be up and requesting the resources they need within minutes.

Getting started with Procurify won’t be a headache either, we promise.

With Procurify, Goodwill reduced their approval to purchasing time from 30 days to 1 day.

Uriah Designs saved over $179 K within 6 months of starting with Procurify.

Still have more questions? Check out Procurify’s features in more detail.


Moving to a proactive Spend Culture means curbing or eliminating ‘maverick’ spending. User friendly interfaces, with simple process, means Procurify can capture 100% of your employee’s spending.

Most companies can easily save 3% of their total indirect spend. 

Your accounting system was made for accountants.

You can’t expect everyone to track their spending, with a tool that’s not made for everyone. In modern business, lots of people need to spend money to do their jobs well. With more people involved, things tend to get messy. 

Procurify means wiser spending, all while making things easier for finance to manage.

Procurify gives you simple, streamlined, and online workflows. Eliminate the friction of slow process, and remote people. 

Our mobile app means things can move forward, anywhere, anytime. 

Procurify is designed for everyone to use, anywhere, anytime.

Growing fast? Empower your employees to innovate and adapt. 

Don’t choose between having controls like a big company, and being nimble like a startup. Growth requires empowering your employees to get things done, and fast. 

The right spending for the right reasons is always an investment in the future success of your business. 



COO, Mainstream Fiber Networks

“It’s kind of sexy looking, I mean gosh I worked on Quickbooks for six years. Initially that’s why I liked Procurify so much because it was not Quickbooks or Excel!”